Our Equipment

We use high, industry grade sound systems, lighting, staging, trussing and rigging to create a stylish character for all our clients.

Mood lighting, table pin spotting, star cloths, dance floors, video discos, singers, bands, moving heads, custom gobos, disco installation, photo booths, dancers, fire eaters, palm readers, photographers, up lighters, comedians, celebrities, sets and props, 3D filming, venues and caterers are only a small selection of options that we can offer to all of our clients.

Lighting & Sound

No matter the size of your audience, whether its in or outdoor, we can provide lighting and sound for your every need. Our team of highly skilled lighting engineers are able to combine their creativity with technical ability to transform any space into a breath taking display.

Our audio engineers understand the acoustic challenges of different areas and are consistently designing PA & sound systems in order to provide high- end solutions for every variety of challenging live environments.

Installation Service

Not only can we supply the equipment, but also have the right team to install and operate to your specific requirements. Our team is able to undertake all aspects of production and will operate and install to create scenes above and beyond your imagination.

We have faith that all events will not only meet expectations, but have a strong chance of exceeding them.

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